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Arcot Sri Mahalakshmi Women’s College of Education

Arcot Sri Mahalakshmi Women’s College of Education was established in the year 2005. It is one of the leading teacher education institutions. Our college has got the recognition from the National Council for Teacher Education and affiliation from Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai 600005.


2022 - 2023
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The programme was started with a vision to impart in-depth knowledge of different subjects including Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology with three broad interrelated curricular areas. The institution provides skill-based quality education to a large section of underprivileged students.

B.Sc.,B.Ed (Physics)

Fundamentals of physics in the most basic and significant branch of science.

B.Sc.,B.Ed (Chemistry)

Chemistry is the scientific study of the properties & behavior of matter atoms, molecules & ions.

B.Sc.,B.Ed (Maths)

Mathematical skills & knowledge in calculus, data analysis, trigonometry, algebra etc.

B.Sc.,B.Ed (Botany)

Scientific study of plants, fungi, algae & covers subjects of Physiology & Anatomy.

B.Sc.,B.Ed (Zoology)

Behavior of animals and elucidates general biological principles through the study.


Professional course that is done after graduation to work as a teacher in schools. .

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  • Digital transformation conference

    Conference is perfect for digital and IT leaders, driving change and innovation within their organisations.

  • World education day conference

    International Day of Education celebrates education worldwide by promoting the idea that education plays a key role.

  • Foundations of Global Health

    Build skills to improve health & save lives. Learn foundational building blocks of humanitarian program planning, implementation.

  • Annual Day Celebrations

    Occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances.

  • Sports Day Celebrations

    The fans, families, and athletes of all the sports converge to celebrate.

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Arcot Sri Mahalakshmi Women’s College of Education

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The Institution is located in the serene, environmentally friendly green patches of Vilapakkam Village, Arcot, Ranipet Dist; geographically it is located in between two important heritage cities, namely Arcot, the Nawab-ruled kingdom known for its sweets and savouries, and Arni, a globally well-known city for its Rice and Silk merchandise. The Institution is situated adjacent to State Highway, helping the students with an easy commute.



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