DLR Group of institutions

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our college website. A new academic year brings with it a fresh batch of young learners; I extend a hearty welcome to all students being admitted to our esteemed institution.

Sri MadhaBuvenesewari trust was established by D.L.Ravi in the year…. with noble intention to popularise progressive and modern education among underprivileged rural students in the district of Ranipet. I am greatly rejoiced and proudly place on record the fact that DLR Arts and Science College, the visionary dream of its founder Chairman D.L.Ravi – a humble servant of education whose mission a decade ago was to transform a small college into a centre of excellence, has unfolded into an institution of glorious past and great future.

The institution provides a rich and diversified culture to encourage the imagination of the young minds and evolve them into competent personalities in a challenging scenarios. It offers a wide array of academic programs and provides a better learning environment for students and faculty members alike. It is a trendsetter for youngsters and it equips them to design their career growth. It nurtures the potential of every individual to the extent of highest perfection.

DLR arts and science college focus is on holistic development and fosters intellectual and personal development. It creates an ambience to impart Quality Education along with Curricular, Co-curricular and Extracurricular facilities to mould the young minds and motivate them to be the brightest and the best. The fee structure of DLR College of Arts, and Science is well within the reach of poor and middle-class students. Our mission is to develop competent, committed and compassionate leaders who will in turn contribute to society.

It is our commitment to students and parents, alike, that DLR Arts and Science College will strive forward to honour the Chairman’s intention to provide Progressive, modern, affordable quality education to its stakeholders.

It is the Staff who accompany the students in the process of shaping their dreams. Hence, Iam grateful to the principal, staff and non-teaching staff for their commitment to the Institution and Students. I am thankful to all the Parents / Guardians of our students for their cooperation and for laying their trust in our institution.

I look forward to welcoming you to join our lively premises to discover a new journey with the hope of promised future. Wishing you the best of success in your life.